56 Free Phonics Worksheets & Phonemic Awareness Activities
Below are links to 56 phonics worksheets and phonemic awareness activities
that will quickly improve learning of important consonants and vowel sounds.

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Kindergarten - early 1st Grade Grade 1  
56 Free Phonics Worksheets and Phonic Awareness Activities vowel phonics and phonemic awareness worksheets phonics test
Phonemic Awareness Worksheets - WHERE IS

Research clearly shows the #1 reason for failure in beginning readers is the inability to learn all consonant and vowel sounds. These sounds (also referred to as phonics) must be mastered in order to achieve maximum reading progress. Our uniquely designed phonemic awareness and phonics worksheets will help greatlywith this goal. Both phonics and phonemic awareness are taught thoroughly through these unique worksheet activities.  Each worksheet shows 7 pictures which contain the consonant sound, however, the child must choose whether the sound is heard at the beginning or end of the picture word.  As you can see, this unique strategy not only gives the repetition to enable memorization of the sound, but also keeps the activity challenging by having the child choose whether the sound is heard at the beginning or ending of the word - thereby qualifying as a phonemic awareness activity.  Click the link at top to see our many free materials for letters B through M.
Phonics Worksheets

Another set of uniquely designed worksheets which do an excellent job in speeding memorization of phonics and phonemic awareness skills. These worksheets teach important consonant sounds - vowel sounds - reading rules - CVC short vowels - blends - final "e" rule - digraphs (ai - ee - ie - oa) - r controlled vowels (ar-er-ir-ur-or) and the diphthong - oi. 
Take this 5 minute test to identify the alphabet letter names and phonics sounds your student does or does not know. The test also automatically makes alphabet and phonics worksheets to practice the incorrect letters and sounds.