Alphabet Letter Cartoon Characters

The very first step in learning to read is to -
Get those Alphabet Letter Names Memorized !!

Research from the National Institute of Health found that the best predictor of future reading success was having the names of the letters thoroughly memorized at an early age.   This is a logical conclusion since once the alphabet letter names are memorized - letter sound memorization is right around the corner - (The sound made by each letter is usually heard at the beginning or end of each letter name - except - h - w - and y).

 In order to increase the ease of memorizing alphabet letters for young students, we have associated each letter with a unique and creative cartoon character (Baseball Bee - Cool Cat - Dancing Dinosaur - Kind Kangaroo - etc)

To further reduce confusion and increase the rate of memorization, we have divided the letters into two files - lowercase and uppercase. Kindergarten classes should post the lowercase letters at the top of one side of the classroom and uppercase letters on the other side. Parents wishing to give their younger children a jump in the reading process should post the letters along a wall in either the living room or child's bedroom.

Which letters should we learn first - Uppercase or Lowercase?
Although you'll hear different viewpoints on this - we don't believe there is any significant benefit to one over the other, although one could argue that lowercase letters are seen more frequently in print, and therefore, should be taught before uppercase. 

To download the alphabet letter cartoon characters -
Click either the Adobe Acrobat (red) link
at right.  Download time is approximately 30 seconds with a broadband connection.