56 Free Phonics Worksheets & Phonemic Awareness Activities

Students learn phonics and phonemic awareness skills at lightning speed using these high quality phonics worksheets and activities.   Primary emphasis is on teaching consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, digraphs (ai, ee, oa, etc), r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, ur, or) and 100 common nouns associated with these sounds. Click any image below to view activities.

Make Custom Handwriting & Phonics Worksheets

Type student name, small sentence or paragraph and watch a beautiful dot trace or hollow letter handwriting worksheet appear before your eyes. You can then change letter size, letter or line color, add arrows, starting dots or make a blank line. You can also make custom alphlabet letter practice or phonics worksheets by typing any letter combination you would like.
Where is the Consonant Sound?

While phonics is the skill of knowing the sounds made by letters in the alphabet, phonemic awaress is the skill of identifying where that sound is located - at the beginning or end of a word. In this activity, students look at each picture - say the picture word - and circle the letter to the left of the picture (if the sound is heard at the beginning of the word) or circle the letter to the right of the picture (if the sound is heard at the end of the word). Each worksheet covers the same consonant sound, thereby allowing students to fully concentrate on phonemic awareness. The consonant (phonics) sound is reinforced, however, since it does occur in every word. Research shows the #1 reason for failure in learning to read is the inability to learn all consonant and vowel sounds along with a lack of phonemic awareness skills. Click the worsheet icon at top to access these high quality activities. Attention Teachers! for a great class activity - give one activity sheet to each student. Say each picture word slowly, emphasizing the sounds heard. Repeatedly ask students - "Do you hear the "buh" sound at the beginning or end of the word?" Also reinforce that the left letter is for the beginning sound and right letter is for the ending sound. As you can see, this is a powerful activity for teaching both phonics and phonemic awareness simultaneously.
What Sounds Do You Hear?

Note how we organize the letter columns below each CVC word in these power phonics worksheets. Students circle the letter for the beginning sound - then the letter for middle sound - and then circle the letter for the final sound. With only two letter choices for each sound, correct answers improve dramatically. This results in a greatly improved attitude toward learning - decreased frustration and heightened self-esteem. Five skill levels are used to guide students through learning the sounds and 20 words in each Lesson. Skill 2 becomes a little more difficult as students must now enter the first letter sound without viewing choices (but choices still remain for the 2nd and 3rd sounds). After passing the final Skill 5 worksheet for these 20 CVC words in Lesson 1, we move to Lesson 2. Lesson 2 then teaches the 20 common long vowel words that follow the "Final-e rule" (bike, cake, kite, etc). Lessons 3, 4 and 5 teach common words with digraphs (ai - ee - ie - oa) - r-controlled vowels (ar-er-ir-ur-or) and other advanced sounds. These worksheets can soon be done on the computer. This new version (called Mr. Ed Phonics Tutor), has a built in teacher that "jumps-in" to teach at the moment any wrong answer is selected. In other words, every one of your students will now have a high quality tutor sitting next to them while doing this activity.

Do our Worksheets Online with Mr. Ed

Our Mr. Ed Phonics project is currently converting our popular phonics worksheets to electronic form so they can be done online.
Called Mr. Ed, (Ed is for Education), this new electronic version is identical to the paper activities seen at left - except students can now use the computer to click the correct beginning, middle and final sounds in each word. If an answer is not correct, Mr. Ed immediately "jumps-in" and teaches the correct answer. This is known as immediate feedback and results in a greatly accelerated learning process. Because our cartoon characters correct and teach every mistake, this makes for a powerful tutoring actiivity that will keep students inolved for 20-30 minutes without needing any teacher assistance. Did we mention? Mr. Ed and friends like to have fun when teaching as well.