Alphabet Letter Activity Sheets
Use these worksheets to teach a new letter and sound to beginning readers.

Continuing with the 1st step in learning to read - our Alphabet Activity Sheets make a fun and effective classroom activity for solidifying the memorization of letter names and sounds.   Pass out an activity sheet to each class member and complete together for 20 minutes of letter learning fun.   Also excellent for home school parent/child practice.


A - Flat Hat

B - Baseball Bee

C - Cool Cat
D - Dancing Dinosaur
E- Excellent Elephant
F- Friendly Fish
G - Gorilla Girl
H - Hairy Horse
I - Sid Squid
J - Jolly Jet
K - Kind Kangaroo
L - Lazy Lion
M - Magic Monster
N - Necktie Ned
O - Odd Octopus
P - Purple Parrot
Q - Quiet Queen
R - Racing Rabbit
S - Super School
T- Tattle Turtle
U - Umbrella Fella
V - Violin Veggies
W - Worm Wagon
X - Fox Box
Y - Yelling YoYo
Z - Zebra Zoo
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Skills taught in each worksheet include the following:

Letter Name
Tracing the letters using a crayon in the activities below provides the repetition necessary to begin the letter memorization process. Songs are also being added to further help with name and sound memorization.
Letter Writing
Hollow letters are used on the worksheets to provide a good visual imprint and guide proper letter formation.
Answers to all questions are designated by coloring the appropriate letter with a colored crayon or pencil.

"Color the "b" under the bees wing - red."

Phonics - Phonemic Awareness
Memorization of the letter sound is enhanced by association with the "Memorable Character" for each letter. The final section of the worksheet shows 5 pictures and asks the child if the picture begins with the sound of the worksheet letter.  Ex. - Does "ball" begin with the "buh" sound?  The child then circles  the word "yes" or "no" directly below the picture.

Spatial and Descriptive Terms
Meaning of the words - OVER - UNDER - ABOVE - BELOW - SMALLEST - BIGGEST - FRONT - BACK - FIRST - SECOND - THIRD - LAST - MIDDLE - CLOSEST - FARTHEST - TINIEST - LARGEST - ON - NEXT - SMOOTHEST - ROUGHEST -  THINNEST - THICKEST - LEFT and  RIGHT.  These skills are taught by asking the child a question such as -

"Pick up a red crayon and color the letter p that is over the parrot's  wing."

Children really enjoy the challenge of this type of activity.

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