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We've Done the Homework
We've done the research and identified the exact words your child must know from Grade 1 through Grade 5 that are needed to score in the top 10% on any national standardized reading test.  You only have to follow the simple steps for 15-20 minutes per day and watch how your child is automatically transformed into a learning machine, rapidly advancing in vocabulary and fluency (the backbone of comprehension).  Dramatic improvements in learning rates are seen in just minutes using our special "Stop at the Vowel Sound" technique.  Whether you're a classroom teacher or parent who has tried private tutoring - Sylvan Learning Center or Hooked on Phonics - you won't find an easier or more effective method for improving any child's reading ability.   As a reading teacher myself for over 20 years, I've seen hundreds of children progress at average or below average pace using conventional school-based reading programs, but literally explode in reading ability - skills - and confidence after one or two weeks of daily practice with the Student Reading Wall memorization techniques.


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Students also typically advance one year
in reading ability in just 2-3 months
if practicing 20-30 minutes a day.  
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The Student & Classroom
Reading Wall Procedures
Simply Make Sense

The main reason why the Student and Classroom Reading Wall procedures are so effective is that they simply make sense.  The most important key is that we have identified the 4,000+ most common words used in elementary reading books and tests and organized them into their proper order from "most common" to "least common.

The next breakthrough with the Reading Wall technique comes with how words are organized into each list.  After watching a child struggle with the reading process, you'll notice one common mistake along their frustration - Vowel Sounds are the biggest stumbling block in the ability to decode (figure out) words properly.  The most difficult vowel sounds include short e - short o - short u - ar - er - ur - ai - oo - ou - oi - etc.  Therefore, to overcome this problem, we took the 4,000 words and further divided them into small groups according to their vowel sound (short a words together - short e words together - ar words together - etc.  The final result being hundreds of lists sequentially organized along vowel sounds witih each list containing 5-7 words.

The Final Breakthrough

To insure students can remember the vowel sound in each word (and to assist in the memorization techniques), we decided to use a special color-coding process.  Short vowels are colored red - long vowels are colored blue - and "other" vowel sounds are colored green.  This helps accomplish two important learning goals - first, it remindS students where the vowel sound is located as well as the sound it makes, and second - it shows students where to stop when using our special "Stop at the Vowel Sound" strategy.  The efficiency of the whole process is further increased if we teach in the way the human brain is naturally designed to learn information - which is in small sequential steps.  Only when one step is mastered do we then proceed to the next.   

The child says only the vowel sound written in the colored letters in each of the words on the Reading Wall list.
The child then says the sound made only by blending the first consonant and the vowel sound together 
(co - dro - wro - ho).
The child now says each word from top to bottom at his/her own pace.  At this point you'll notice the child using the skills of the "Stop at the Vowel Sound" technique to decode the word.
Get out the stopwatch (all cell phones now have stopwatches).  Time how fast your student can say the words from top to bottom.  If a mistake is made, correct the child - discuss any incorrect sounds and have them start again from the top.  When the list is said without error, record their time on the time bar graph at the bottom of the page.  The Timed Score adds the interest needed to keep the student motivated.  When the child can say the list in 1/2 to 3/4 second per word, give a high-five and move to the next list.

Unsurpassed Progress

After 15 years of observing results with our latest version of the Student Reading Wall (now called "The Student Lists"), we have found that children with average reading ability can expect to see one year's worth of reading improvement in approximately 2-3 months with 15-20 minutes of daily one-on-one practice (no... this is not an exaggeration).  Children with slight to moderate learning disabilities typically advance one year in reading level over 3-4 months.
Children with more severe learning disabilities (as shown with the young lady in our video), typically require 4-5 months to advance one year in reading ability.


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